I love typography too!

I Love Typography, cabeçalho do site

Foi através do blog do Jeffrey Zeldman (e viva os feeds!) que conheci o I Love Typography.

O site é muito bom, a escolha dos 15 exemplos de uso excelente de tipografia em websites é muito boa e é claramente um sítio que vale a pena guardar e visitar regularmente (e viva os feeds outra vez!).

E é especialmente engraçado encontrar esta referência no mesmo dia em que conheci o Typography Kicks Ass e falei de coincidências tipográficas. 🙂

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Wow! Thanks for visiting.
I’m sure I’ll mention your site quite often. You might notice that I made some suggestions through the contact form, too.
I’m your loyal subscriber, Sir.

Yes, thanks for the message you sent.
Owing to the deluge of mails I’ve received since starting iLT, it sometimes takes me a little while to respond. But I do read and reply to every mail — eventually.

Perhaps we can organise translations of some of the iLT articles into Portugese? Let me know what you think.

I think it would be great to translate some or all of the articles to portuguese. And I’m available to do my best at it, if you let me. Me and a couple of friends (if and when needed).
How should we do it?
You can reach me (you’ve got my email, and if not, it’s joaomartins [at] and let me know where should I send the translations to.

I would be thrilled and honored to do that. And also feeling useful…

Thanks for link. i love typography, although I am just an amateur 🙂
Since you mentioned feeds I was wandering if you know some feed reader where you can read your feeds offline _with_ the pictures.
I am following this blog: (spanish) by its feed, but one problem is that if I am offline the pictures does not appear and in typography blogs it is important.

Thanks Johno, but the pictures still doesn’t stay in offline mode. I try to search for some option in the preferences but I couldn’t find it.
I suppose there isn’t 🙁

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