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Acção Urgente pelos Direitos Humanos no Irão

No Irão vive-se uma situação de urgência no que diz respeito aos direitos humanos. Hoje, 13 pessoas foram executadas e há outras tantas execuções marcadas para as próximas 24 horas. Não há muito que possamos fazer, mas, por isso mesmo, o pouco que podemos, é fundamental. Por sugestão, via Twitter, acabei de enviar uma carta a vários Ministros dos Negócios Estrangeiros e ao Alto Comissariado das Nações Unidas para os Direitos Humanos apelando a uma acção urgente. Juntei aos endereços sugeridos duas hipóteses de contacto com o nosso Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros que não sei se resultam em endereços válidos, mas não custa tentar.

Assim, quem quiser, basta copiar e colar esta mensagem e sente que está a fazer qualquer coisa.


Assunto: 13 Dead TODAY. 17 executions in 17 Days please

To the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and High Commissioner of Human Rights Navi Pillay:

Your Excellencies,

This is the utmost URGENCY AND IMPORTANCE! I am writing to appeal to your governments to do everything in their power to obtain immediate prevention of the execution of prisoners in Iran which is scheduled to take place in 48 hours. Today, THIRTEEN have been executed, illegally, without legal representation! THE REMAINING 13 LIVES ARE GOING TO BE TAKEN IN 24 HOURS!

We urge you to take efforts to stop these 13 people from dying, their crimes are (if actually committed, who knows since the Iran governments judicial systems are filled with corruption and false charges) violations that can be dealt with in a fair trial for simple jail time, and should never be a judgment of death by hanging for selling drugs or more politically correct term, “drug trafficking”.

The Iran government is a state party of the UN declaration of human rights which GUARANTEES the RIGHT TO LIFE! [Article 6.1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights!]

Yesterday, Sunday 6th June 2010, well-known attorney, Mohammad Mostafaie, said in a statement that 26 death row inmates, convicted of drug trafficking, have been placed in quarantine ahead of their imminent execution! According to RAHANA, “Mohammad Jafari, Mohammad Azarfam, Bagher Amini, Soltan Abadi, Mohammad Moradi and Nader Azarnoush are among the inmates who are scheduled to be executed”. According to Mosatafaie, most of the accused had asked to be pardoned, but their requests were turned down by the Parole Board, adding that some were given death sentence even though they had no history of past convictions. Most of the death sentence verdicts were issued by judge Hosseini, who is the presiding judge of the 1st branch of the Revolutionary Court. Mostafaie believes that the Parole Board could have easily spared their lives, considering the damage their execution will cause to Iran’s international. “History shows that execution is not an appropriate tool to prevent crime, and other ways based on science of criminology are far more effective to reduce criminal offenses.” Since the beginning of Khordad (Persian calendar month May 21- June 20), at least 15 executions have been carried out across Iran, amid condemnations by international and Iranian human rights groups.

Now, 13 are DEAD!

Please do not let the other 13 people die! There are families and friends at home who care for these people and hoping their lives will be spared by the mercy of the international community intervening to stop these violent and horrific jugements of death against the people of Iran.

The report of these scheduled executions comes urgently from human rights organizations in Iran, an Iran news website, and an Italian news website. Please read further:



Please, please, do not let the value of a life be reduced to this end result without taking any action on our behalf.

Please speak out NOW! We citizens of the world are counting on you to be their voice and ours.


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