Left On Man, Robert Wyatt

Conhecem Robert Wyatt?
A propósito de tudo e de nada, e porque estou a ver Free Will and Testament, um documentário da BBC4 sobre ele, leiam lá isto:

Left On Man

What we call
Freedom in the north
Means our freedom to
Use you

And if you don’t co-operate
We’ll cut off your supply lines

But You’ll be free
To re-connect
If you beg our forgiveness

You say I
Over simplify
Well yes, so did
Albert Einstein

There simply
Is no middle ground
Pentagon uber alles

There never
Was a middle ground
That’s the point I was making

There’s no such
Place as middle ground
(That’s the point we were making)
Left or Right of the equator

(leiam na fonte)

O documentário na íntegra, pode ser visto em www.noisette.nl. Vale a pena.