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“If you were a sound, what sound would you be?”

As redes sociais estão cheias de porcaria e distrações. Mas têm pérolas, ocasionalmente.

Hoje, no Facebook, a Pauline Oliveros perguntou, “If you were a sound, what sound would you be?“. A pergunta é simples, mas genial, especialmente, tendo em conta quem pergunta— compositora e investigadora na área da música e da percepção, responsável por conceitos como Deep Listening e Sonic Awareness— e, por isso, o público potencial. A sequência de respostas é belíssima e é, em si mesmo, uma experiência “sónica”, se usarmos a imaginação. Contribuem músicos notáveis (a primeira resposta é do compositor/criador belga Godfried-Willem Raes, por exemplo) e utilizadores comuns, como eu.

Sem poder criar um link para esta sequência na fonte original (falha do Facebook), deixo aqui uma amostra dessa torrente de sons:

Pauline Oliveros: If you were a sound what sound would you be?

  • Godfried-Willem Raes the sound of a failing robot probably…
  • David Kresge open E chord w/ analog delay, decaying to infinity / noise.
  • Dave Madden (Simultaneous) 1) wet thumb across a 24″ bass drum head 2) metal knitting needle scraped across 20″ ride cymbal.
  • Luk Vaes unintentional
  • Dan Cohoon a screw driver twirling against electric guitar strings with about 3 kinds of delay on it.
  • Eduardo Melendez shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Alexandros Georgiadis an electronic combination of textures!
  • Tony Gerber The constant sound of the wind blowing through pine trees. It would sooth me for evermore…
  • Dave Seidel A 60-cycle hum.
  • Baird Hersey “If I was a sound?” We all already are!
  • Peter Castine Black noise. Or an extended performance of 4’33”. Very extended;-)
  • Franky Fockers silence
  • Jentry Hood A waterfall, or windchime
  • Jim Jandt 3 squealing piglets being chased by 3 laughing boys on bicycles with playing cards pinned to their wheel spokes and 3 giggling girls on bicycles ringing their bells
  • Deborah Slater laughter
  • Roman Stolyar The sound produced by fingernail gliding along lowest string of Bosendorfer grand piano
  • Jim Jandt or…the sound of a tumbleweed rolling across a prairie(not too loud, really, but non-zero finite) 😉
  • Gwen Deely loud heartbeats!
  • Jesse Kanner the dull rush and thumpity thump you hear when the subway travels beneath your feet here in NYC.
  • Cynthia Bonnet the breeze
  • Tom Roe radio static
  • Carol Worthey Long ago I wrote a poem in answer to this yet unspoken question. Here is the poem:
    I am
    the song
    the morning dew would sing
    if tears
    of joy
    had voices.
    Copyright c 1967 Carol Worthey
  • Michael Waller I rather be inside the sound.
  • Linda Harrington sound of the winter ocean hitting & crashing against the rocks.
  • Rick Olson The “snork” at the beginning of Zappa’s “Moggio”
  • Brian Routh fart!
  • Jo-Anne Green rain on a corrugated iron roof.
  • Joseph Pettini My Waterphone.
  • Ian Johnson half-speed tuvan throat singing!
  • Mark Ledoux the strange wafting dissonances and consonances of mismatched wind chimes.
  • Kyungmi Lee quickly disappearing and reappearing rainbow colored sound!
  • Mark A Ferdman Wow, there are so many. Something nice and soothing, so a fart is definitely out! LOL Also out, loud barking dogs, screaming kids, and the sound that the leaf movers make.
    a waterfall
    ocean waves
    the sound of a smile
    and perhaps some erotic stuff, but I won’t go there 🙂
  • Chris Harvey distant wind chimes tuned to a minor seventh on a mildly breezy day
  • Gary Sisco Low, dark laughter, alone in the wee hours.
  • Jeffrey Ventrella simultaneous alternating dog bark five houses away and mocking bird in tree above
  • Eldad Tsabary a pianissimo orchestral cluster
  • Justin Lane the warble of an oscillating room fan
  • Kazue Asano ringing of a bell from an extremely deep cave
  • Erin Donovan gong
  • Emily Liolin a chorus of sighs and earthy exhales
  • Dianne Hunter ocean waves of withdrawing tide
  • Pauline Oliveros Wow – a wonderful collection – what a sound collage it would make.
  • Rob Peterson deep darkness in a pine forrest.
  • Chris Cones VLF whistlers
  • Carlo Altomare The babble of millions of voices from memory that logarhthmically yield a single transforming morphing word in a pulsing meter.
  • Sharon Nichols cello
    or baby giggle
  • Carlo Altomare Also it was fun to read the other posts and imagine feeling that sound as a subjective expression of myself… thanks to all!
  • Albert Ortega breathing ocelot
  • Maria Chavez Depends on the day I guess. Right now I would be a nice warm hum.
  • Christopher Phillips the sound of water
  • Oliver Polzin silent organs
  • João Martins The sound of air rushing through the fully-closed tube of a bass saxophone: first only breathing, then the combination between the low B flat and all the incredible harmonics it produces with occasional very high squeaks, slightly bitting the reed… but mostly breathing.

E estas são apenas as 2 primeiras horas de respostas…
Um verdadeiro trabalho de composição colaborativa.

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