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Routine Check: RC#20080209 – Conversation

I’ll present my new podcast series in English, as it might have a broader audience than the blog posts.

The generic title of the series is Routine Check, and all future episodes, in this series, will have that and the date on its title. Unlike previous podcast episodes, this new series features music that has no other purpose but to be shown here and impose some sort of discipline in my music work. Hence the name, Routine Check.

As a composer-performer deeply involved with free improvisation and experimental work, I’ve noticed a growing disproportion between the musical ideas that drive me and the situations where I can expose or explore them. My laziness and lack of discipline as made me lost all sort of routines, even with instrumental practices and other “mechanical” work, that starts to take its toll.

That’s why I’ve decided to impose myself a no-less-than-weekly routine of sketching and experimenting with some of the musical ideas going around me and recording something around 10 minutes long, with the simplest available tools and no non-musical work.

The first episode of the series consists of a double solo on tenor saxophone. Both solos were recorded in single takes and have no editing. The setup is basic: 1 dynamic microphone feeding ProTools LE through my Digi002, with no effects applied. The first solo, panning a little to the left, is completely free, and works as a structure. The second solo, panning a little to the right, was recorded over the first one.

This pseudo-duo technique is a familiar one, to me. And today, it seemed right.